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Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 3  (BAI3)


The cell-adhesion G protein-coupled receptor BAI3 is a high-affinity receptor for C1q-like proteins

C1q-like genes (C1ql1-C1ql4) encode small, secreted proteins that are expressed in differential patterns in the brain but whose receptors and functions remain unknown. BAI3 protein, in contrast, is a member of the cell-adhesion class of G protein-coupled receptors that are expressed at high levels in the brain but whose ligands have thus far escaped identification. Using a biochemical approach, we show that all four C1ql proteins bind to the extracellular thrombospondin-repeat domain of BAI3 with high affinity, and that this binding is mediated by the globular C1q domains of the C1ql proteins. Moreover, we demonstrate that addition of submicromolar concentrations of C1ql proteins to cultured neurons causes a significant decrease in synapse density, and that this decrease was prevented by simultaneous addition of the thrombospondin-repeat fragment of BAI3, which binds to C1ql proteins. Our data suggest that C1ql proteins are secreted signaling molecules that bind to BAI3 and act, at least in part, to regulate synapse formation and/or maintenance.
Bolliger MF, Martinelli DC, Südhof TC. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Feb 8;108(6):2534-9. Epub 2011 Jan 24.

Human Brain Specific Angiogenesis Inhibitor 3(BAI3) (291-508) Recombinant
Code No.: 00471-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $360.00 USD
Protein ID:O60242
Gene ID: NM_001704
MW: 27.8 KD
Tag: His Tag on N-Terminus
Expressed: E. Coli
Purity: 90%
Data Sheet: PDF


Code No.
Price ($)
Human Brain Specific Angiogenesis Inhibitor 3 (291-508) , ECD, recombinant
100 ug