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Soluble CD83 (Human) ELISA Kit
A biomarker for cancer and CVD
Soluble CD83 (sCD83), a potent immunosuppressive agent, circulates at elevated levels in some chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients. We report that CLL patients with elevated plasma sCD83 levels had significantly shorter (P=0.038) treatment free survival. Culture of CLL cells with solid phase CD83 mAb+IL-4 significantly increases sCD83 release (23-117-fold, P=0.013) and ligation of normal donor PBMC with solid phase CD83 mAb alone induces similar significant increases in sCD83 release (P=0.003). RT-PCR analysis detected the presence of a transcript for sCD83 in 2/3 CLL samples. These results suggest sCD83 release may play a regulatory role in CLL progression.
Hock BD et al. Leuk Res. 2009 Aug;33(8):1089-95.

Targeting CD83 for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease

Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is a common and often fatal complication of bone marrow transplantation. Antigen-presenting cells from donor and recipient play a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of GVHD. CD83, which is expressed in activated lymphocytes and dendritic cells, is regarded as a marker of mature dendritic cells. Targeting CD83 using soluble CD83 molecules or antibodies has been demonstrated to have therapeutic effects against GVHD in preclinical models. Understanding the biological function of CD83 and the underlying mechanisms through which targeting CD83 attenuates GVHD is likely to greatly improve current treatments and provide new methods for the treatment of GVHD.
Wang X, et al. Exp Ther Med. 2013 Jun;5(6):1545-1550. Epub 2013 Apr 2.
human soluble CD83 elisa kit from aviscera bioscience Human Soluble CD83 Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit
Code No.: SK00495-01
Size: 96 T
Price: $420.00
Standard range:3.125-200 pg/ml
Sensitivity: 1.5 pg/ml
Sample Type:serum, plasma
Sample require: 100 ul per well
Inter-CV: 8-12%
Data Sheet: PDF


Price ($)

Soluble CD83 (Human) Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit

96 T


Soluble CD83 (Human) Standard. (293 cells derived)
10 ug