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Endocrine Gland-derived Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
  • Prokineticin-1 (PROK1)
EG-VEGF potently contracts gastrointestinal (GI) smooth muscle and induces proliferation, migration and fenestration (the formation of membrane discontinuities) in capillary endothelial cells derived from endocrine glands. EG-VEGF has little or no effect on a variety of other endothelial and non-endothelial cell types.  EG-VEGF directly influences neuroblastoma progression by promoting the proliferation and migration of neuroblastoma cells.  EG-VEGF  plays a role in placentation.

Endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor strengthens cell invasion ability via prokineticin receptor 2 in colon cancer cell lines

Endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) has recently been identified as one of the vascular endothelial growth factors, and it is considered that the overexpression of EG-VEGF in colon cancer is related to hepatic metastasis. In this study, we report our recent novel findings of the involvement of EG-VEGF in cell invasion of colon cancer cells. Colon cancer cell lines (DLD-1 and HCT116) with high expression of prokineticin receptor (PK-R) 1 and 2 were stimulated with the EG-VEGF protein. Furthermore, Matrigel cell invasion assay was performed to examine the changes in cancer cell invasion. In addition, we investigated the mRNA expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2, -7 and -9 in cancer cells. Finally, the EG-VEGF receptor on the colon cancer cell membrane was blocked by anti-PK-R1 and -PK-R2 antibodies to study whether cell invasion ability would be altered. In colon cancer cell lines where the expression of PK-R1 and 2 was confirmed, stimulation with EG-VEGF increased cell invasion a maximum of ~3-5 times. Furthermore, an increase in the mRNA and protein expression of MMP-2, -7 and -9 was observed. We also observed that the cell invasion rate decreased only after exposure to the anti-PK-R2 antibody. The study showed that the EG-VEGF protein may act on MMP-2, -7 and -9 via PK-R2 to strengthen cell invasion ability in colon cancer cell lines.
Tabata S, et al. Oncol Rep. 2013 Feb;29(2):459-63. doi: 10.3892/or.2012.2124. Epub 2012 Nov 6
Code No.: SK00151-01
Size: 96 T
Standard Range:15.6-1000 pg/ml
Dynamic Range: 15.6-1000 pg/ml
Sensitivity:7.8 pg/ml
Sample Type: serum, EDTA plasma
Sample requres: 220 ul, 100 ul per well
IntraCV: 6-8%
InterCV: 12-14%
Protocol: PDF
Human EG-VEGF/Prokineticin 1 Recombinant
Code No.: 00227-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $360.00 USD
Protein ID: NP_
Gene ID: NM_032414
MW: 13.2 KD
Tag: His Tag on N-Terminus
Expressed: E. Coli
Purity: 95%
Data Sheet: PDF
  Anti Human EG-VEGF/Prokineticin 1   IgG
Code No.: A00227-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $220.00 USD
Host: Rabbit
Antigen: human Prokineticin 1 Rec.
Ab Type: Polyclonal
Purification: Protein A
Applications: E, IHC
Data Sheet: PDF




Code No.
Price ($)
EG-VEGF/PROK1 (Human) ELISA Kit SK00151-01 96 T  
EG-VEGF (Human), Rec.
10 ug
EG-VEGF (Human), Rec.
50 ug
EG-VEGF (Human), Rec.
100 ug
Anti EG-VEGF/PROK1 (Human) IgG
100 ug
Anti EG-VEGF/PROK1 (Human) IgG Biotinylated
50 ug