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Follistatin-like 3(FSTL3) ELISA and Recombinant

Alternative name:

  • Follistatin-like protein 3 (FSTLP3)
  • Follistatin-related gene protein (FLRG)
Follistatin-like 3 is a secreted glycoprotein of the follistatin-module-protein family. It may have a role in leukemogenesis. Isoform 1 or the secreted form is a binding and antagonizing protein for members of the TGF-beta family, such us activin, BMP2 and MSTN. Inhibits activin A-, activin B-, BMP2- and MSDT-induced cellular signaling; more effective on activin A than on activin B. Involved in bone formation; inhibits osteoclast differentiationc. Involved in hematopoiesis; involved in differentiation of hemopoietic progenitor cells, increases hematopoietic cell adhesion to fibronectin and seems to contribute to the adhesion of hematopoietic precursor cells to the bone marrow stroma. Isoform 2 or the nuclear form is probably involved in transcriptional regulation via interaction with MLLT10.
human FSTL3 recombinant
human fstl3 elisa kit sk00347-06 enables to measure human samples from aviscera bioscience
Code: SK00347-06
Formulation: 96 T
Price: $360.00 USD
Standard range:156-10000 pg/ml
Sensitivity: 30 pg/ml
Sample Type: serum, plasma
Intra-CV: 4-6%
Inter-CV: 8-12%
Data Sheet: PDF
Anti Human FSTL3 IgG
Code No.: A00347-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $260.00 USD
Host: rabbit
Antigen: Human FSTL3 Rec.
Antibibody Type:Polyclonal
Purification: Protein A affinity
Formulation: Lyophilized PBS without any carry proteins
Applications: WB (1-2 ug/ml), ELISA (0.1~0.5 ug/ml), IHC (2-4 ug/ml, ABC)
Data Sheet: PDF
human FSTL3 recombinant
Human FSTL3 Recombinant
Code No.: 00347-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $460.00 USD
Protein ID:O95633
Gene ID: 10272
MW:27 KD
Tag: His Tag on N-Terminus
Expressed: E. Coli
Purity: 90%
Data Sheet: PDF

mouse FSTL3 recombinant

Mouse FSTL3 Recombinant
Code No.: 00347-03-10
Size: 10 ug
Price: $350.00 USD
Protein ID:Q9EQC7
Gene ID: 83554
MW:35-40 KD
Tag: His Tag on C-Terminus
Expressed: human cells
Purity: 85%
Data Sheet: PDF


Follistatin Like Protein 1 (FSTL1) ELISA, Protein and Antibody


Code No.
Price ($)
FSTL3/FLRG (HUMAN) ELISA KIT SK00347-06 96 T 360.00
Human FSTL3 Recombinant
100 ug
Rabbit Anti FSTL3 (Human) IgG
100 ug
Mouse FSTL3 Recombinant
10 ug
Anti Mouse FSTL3 Rabbit IgG
100 ug