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Soluble Interleukin 22 Binding Protein

IL-22BP is a soluble IL-22 receptor, which lacks a trans-membrane and intracellular domain. IL-22BP specifically binds to IL-22 but not other IL-10 family members, and prevents the binding of IL-22 to membrane bound IL-22R1. The binding of IL-22 to IL-22BP is of 20- to 1000-fold higher affinity compared to its binding to the membrane bound IL-22R1. It is also known that IL-22BP expression is down-regulated in the intestine during tissue damage. However the cellular source of IL-22BP is unclear. Moreover, the mechanism regulating IL-22BP expression and the significance of endogenous IL-22BP in vivo are unknown. Huber S et al. Nature. 2012 Nov 8;491(7423):259-63

Chronic mucosal inflammation and tissue damage predisposes patients to the development of colorectal cancer. This association could be explained by the hypothesis that the same factors and pathways important for wound healing also promote tumorigenesis. A sensor of tissue damage should induce these factors to promote tissue repair and regulate their action to prevent development of cancer. Interleukin 22 (IL-22), a cytokine of the IL-10 superfamily, has an important role in colonic epithelial cell repair, and its levels are increased in the blood and intestine of inflammatory bowel disease patients. This cytokine can be neutralized by the soluble IL-22 receptor, known as the IL-22 binding protein (IL-22BP, also known as IL22RA2); however, the significance of endogenous IL-22BP in vivo and the pathways that regulate this receptor are unknown. Here we describe that IL-22BPhas a crucial role in controlling tumorigenesis and epithelial cell proliferation in the colon. IL-22BP is highly expressed by dendritic cells in the colon in steady-state conditions. Sensing of intestinal tissue damage via the NLRP3 or NLRP6 inflammasomes led to an IL-18-dependent downregulation of IL-22BP, thereby increasing the ratio of IL-22/IL-22BP. IL-22, which is induced during intestinal tissue damage, exerted protective properties during the peak of damage, but promoted tumour development if uncontrolled during the recovery phase. Thus, the IL-22-IL-22BP axis critically regulates intestinal tissue repair and tumorigenesis in the colon.
  Human Soluble IL-22 Binding Protein Recombinant
Code No.: 00527-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $360.00 USD
Protein ID:NP851826
Gene ID:NM_181309
MW:26 KD
Tag: His Tag on N-Terminus
Expressed: E. Coli
Purity: 95%
Data Sheet: PDF

human interleukin 22 elisa kit

Human Interleukin 22 ELISA
Code No.: SK0279-01
Size: 96 T
Price: $360.00 USD
Standard Range:3.125-500 pg/ml
Sensitivity: 1 pg/ml
Sample Type:serum or EDTA plasma
Sample Volume: 100 uL per well
IntraCV: 6-8%
InterCV: 10-12%
Data Sheet: PDF


Code No.
Price ($)
Anti Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) IgG
100 ug
Anti Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) IgG Biotinylated
50 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec.
10 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec.
50 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec.
100 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec. Biotinylated
50 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec. Cy5 conjugated
50 ug
Interleukin-22 Binding Protein (Soluble) (Human) Rec. FITC conjugated
50 ug
Interleukin-22 (Human) Rec.
5 ug
Inteleukin 22 (IL-22) (Human) ELISA
96 T