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Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) ELISA
A Potential Cytoprotector for Myocardium Ischemia Injury

Alternative name:

  • Differentiation-stimulating factor
  • Melanoma-derived LPL inhibitor
  • Emfilermin

LIF and the heart: just another brick in the wall?

Multiple studies have shown that the cytokine leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) is protective of the myocardium in the acute stress of ischemia-reperfusion. All three major intracellular signaling pathways that are activated by LIF in cardiac myocytes have been linked to actions that protect against oxidative stress and cell death, either at the level of the mitochondrion or via nuclear transcription. In addition, LIF has been shown to contribute to post-myocardial infarction cardiac repair and regeneration, by stimulating the homing of bone marrow-derived cardiac progenitors to the injured myocardium, the differentiation of resident cardiac stem cells into endothelial cells, and neovascularization. Whether LIF offers protection to the heart under chronic stress such as hypertension-induced cardiac remodeling and heart failure is not known. However, mice with cardiac myocyte restricted knockout of STAT3, a principal transcription factor activated by LIF, develop heart failure with age, and cardiac STAT3 levels are reported to be decreased in heart failure patients. In addition, endogenously produced LIF has been implicated in the cholinergic transdiffrentiation that may serve to attenuate sympathetic overdrive in heart failure and in the peri-infarct region of the heart after myocardial infarction. Surprisingly, therapeutic strategies to exploit the beneficial actions of LIF on the injured myocardium have received scant attention. Nor is it established whether the purported so-called adverse effects of LIF observed in isolated cardiac myocytes have physiological relevance in vivo. Here we present an overview of the actions of LIF in the heart with the goal of stimulating further research into the translational potential of this pleiotropic cytokine.
Zouein FA, Kurdi M, Booz GW. Eur Cytokine Netw. 2013 Mar;24(1):11-9
Serum concentrations of IL-6 family cytokines, including IL-6, IL-11, and LIF, were significantly elevated in patients with RA compared to those of healthy controls. Although there was no significant relationship between IL-6 family cytokine levels and DAS28, the IL-6 levels of patients with RA showed a significant correlation with CRP levels. After eight weeks of medical treatment in patients with high disease activity, a decrease in DAS28 was associated with a significant decrease in the serum concentrations of IL-6 and IL-11.
Chung SJ et al. Yonsei Med J. 2011 Jan;52(1):113-20. doi: 10.3349/ymj.2011.52.1.113.
LIF, but not IL-10 or IL-11, levels may be increased in early tubal ectopic pregnancies when compared to normal intrauterine pregnancies.
Iyibozkurt AC,  et al. Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol. 2010;37(3):217-20.
human lif elisa kit enables to measure human samples.
LIF (Human) ELISA Kit SK00355-01 is from aviscera bioscience Lekumia Inhibitory Factor (LIF)(Human) ELISA KIt
Code No.: SK00355-01
Size: 96 T
Price: $360.00 USD 
Standard range: 3.125-400 ng/ml
Sensitivity:200 pg/ml
Sample Type: serum, plasma
Sample require: 100 uL per well
Inter-CV: 8-12% 
Protocol: PDF
LIF (Human) Antibody A00355-01 is from aviscera bioscience. That antibody works well on immunohistochemistry Anti Human LIF IgG
Code No.: A00355-01-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $260.00 USD
Host: Rabbit
Antigen:Human LIF
Ab Type: Polyclonal IgG
Purification: Protein A
Applications: E, IHC
Working Dilution: IHC 1: 250-500 (2-4 ug/ml)
Data Sheet: PDF


Anti Human LIF Monoclonal Antibody
Code No.: A00355-02-100
Size: 100 ug
Price: $260.00 USD
Host: Mouse
Antigen:Human LIF
Ab Type: Monoclonal
Purification: Protein A
Applications: E,
Working Dilution: 1:10000
Data Sheet: PDF


Code No.
Price ($)
Lekumia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) (Human) ELISA Kit SK00355-01 96 T 360.00
Anti LIF (Human) IgG A00355-01-100 100 ug 260.00
Anti LIF (Human) Monoclonal Antibody
100 ug
LIF (Human) Rec.
100 ug